(taxable benefits)


In employment agreement claims (downsizing, early retirement, etc.), structured settlements can be used to provide benefits for the employee and, if desired, the spouse. The payments will be taxable like salary and the employee is issued a 1099 at the end of the year or tax witholding can be done for the employee.

Environmental Claims

Punitive damages are taxable to the plaintiff and the entire tax must be paid upon receipt of the damages. We can arrange periodic payments for punitive damages, which, in some instances, may produce a favorable tax result by averaging the income. Of course, each case must be examined for the best application.

Attorney fees can be structured and, in some situations, the fee is not taxed until the actual payment is received.

There are other instances such as emotional distress, job discrimination, wrongful imprisonment, downsizing, divorce, pensions, scholarships and real estate transactions where awards and benefits are taxable but a structured settlement can help to soften the tax blow.

We have a host of application for these situations; call us when you have that tough case and we can help you with specific solutions.


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