(tax-free benefits)

  Workers' Compensation

Since 1996, American Settlement Corporation has settled over 2000 Workers´┐Ż Compensation claims for our clients. We can help you with your Workers' Compensation claims.

Liability, Auto Liability, Products and Medical Malpractice Claims

If you are an insurance company or self-insured which has auto liability, general liability or medical malpractice claims, let us show you how structured settlements can help you settle a claim before you go to trial or fund a verdict that has been rendered against your company or your insured. We can help you get the best result from your settlement budget and meet the needs of the claimant adequately.

Employment Claims

In employment litigation, if the employee has suffered a physical injury, structured settlements can be used to provide tax-free benefits for the portion of the claim that the physical injury represents.


98% of the services that we offer do not cost you or your company a cent as we earn commission from the companies with whom we place the structured settlement. We find that the extra services we offer make your claim much more likely to settle. You'll find we are much more than just a "quoting company;" please visit our Services page to learn more.

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