Services from BSC and its Affiliates


No Fee Services

  • Obtain rated age on applicable cases
  • Attend Meditation or Settlement Conferences
  • Prepare Structured Settlement Exhibits
  • Research and provide Reports on Health Care Coverage for Catastrophically Injured Persons
  • Prepare Annuity Cost of Life Care Plans
  • Provide Professional Structured Settlement Training at your Location

Fee Services

If we are providing fee based services for your company and a structured settlement is placed through our company, a portion of the structured settlement commission is credited to the fee billing. In most cases, there will be no hourly billing when we place a structured settlement. Call us for details.

  • Life Care Plan Analysis
  • Workers’ Compensation Claim Exposure Analysis
  • Co-ordination of Workers’ Comp. and Social Security Benefits
  • Medical Record Review
  • Medical Case Management
  • Life Care Planning


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